Tuesday, May 15, 2012

hCG and Coconut Oil

hCG and Coconut Oil

The Weight Loss Cure introduced the benefits of Coconut oil on the hCG diet. Although Organic Coconut Oil is a saturated fat, it is one of the few truly good saturated fats with some unique benefits to your health. It is the only fat approved on the hCG diet and is used for cooking and can be used your skin. 

Benefits of Coconut Oil 
• Stimulates the thyroid 
• Increases metabolism 
• Lowers cholesterol 
• Lowers blood pressure 
• Better protection against chemicals that cause cancer in the breast and colon 
• Contains linoleic an Omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acid 
• Contains 40% Lauric Acid (found in breast milk) which boost your immune system and protects against viral, bacterial and protozoan infections 
• Heals your skin similar to the way Aloe Vera heals 
• Alleviates dry skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema 
• Stops wrinkles, prevents and fads dark spots and stops loose skin 
• Prevents Dandruff, lice and lice eggs 
• Helps in hair re-growth 

You can use Coconut Oil for cooking on the hCG protocol because unlike other fats Coconut Oil is used by your body like a carbohydrate. Your body breaks the coconut oil fat down much quicker within the liver and does not store it like other fats. 

With the addition of Coconut Oil to the hCG diet, it is still best to limit the amount you use. Using a 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in stir frying foods or oiling your grill for cooking is enough. Using a little on skin in lieu of mineral oil is okay as well. 

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