Thursday, March 29, 2012

hCG Success Stories Help Support New hCG Patients

hCG Success Stories Help Support New hCG Patients

Marathon runners don’t usually run alone. So why should dieters diet alone? Support is something that helps us through those tough times when we see no light at the end of the tunnel. HCG patients are each going through a program to reach their own weight loss goals. It’s important for each of them to reach out to find success stories and support wherever they can.
Inspiration comes in so many forms. There are thousands of websites that portray success stories for those on the HCG diet. Many sites have people sharing their own stories to show the patients’ success is only a few weeks away if they stick with the lifestyle. Many sites offer a place where you can discuss the diet with others. This helps ease any fear you may have of falling off the wagon or not finding your own success.

Each person on the diet is different as we all have different bodies. Remember that men and women do not lose weight at the same speed as well as people have different body types.

Finding support is key to everyone’s success. There are support groups in many cities where you get together and discuss what has and has not worked. Some things will work for others that will not work for you, but getting all of the ideas on the table will help. It is also good to hear from others about how much they have lost. If you are thinking you are going to lose 200 pounds, but hear from many others they have only lost 120 then you know your goal is not realistic.

Encourage yourself with encouraging others. You are all on the same journey even if your destination to your goals are different.

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