Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is hCG Safe?

Is hCG Safe?

Questions about hCG are flooding like a dam broke! Yes, the FDA and FTC are looking into the safety of homeopathic hCG trying to pull it off the shelves. No, pharmaceutical hCG is not included in this worry. hCG prescribed by a doctor is not in the threatening section to people taking it. It is closely monitored.
The effects of hCG can seem too good to be true. You inject the hormone each day and eat certain foods all in hopes of losing sometimes a pound a day. It's real and it's safe... if done in the correct way.

Doctors and nutritionists argue that going on a low calorie diet without hCG will help lose weight as well. Yes, it will, but you will be losing muscle instead of fat. hCG helps with the loss of fat and hopes to reset the body's metabolism. The person cannot go back to eating 12 cupcakes a day, but they should be able to have a better mindset to make better choices.

Homeopathic versions bought at the store have little to almost none of the actual hormone in them. This means going on that low calorie diet is just a diet. There is no hormone helping and the patient will probably gain it all back. Because homeopathic supplements are not regulated by the FDA, no governing organization is forcing these companies to prove that what is listed on the label is actually in the bottle.

Prescription hCG is safe mainly because a doctor is monitoring your body each week. If things are not working or something is making you unsteady the doctors will change it. The diet is something that can be flexible when under the correct supervision. It is not a miracle cure though. There is nothing that can make your body be able to indulge anything and suddenly burn it off. After the hCG diet is over the consultants and doctors slowly introduce certain foods back into the body. It is then up to the patient to keep their mind in place and their activity level high. Even with a reset metabolism a body can fall into the holes of dieting again. 

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