Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pharmaceutical hCG is NOT Banned

Pharmaceutical HCG is NOT Banned

Don't worry if you are skeptical. We get it all of the time. People call us worrying that HCG is being banned by the FDA. It is, but only the homeopathic kind. We put our patients on a weekly monitoring basis and we only give prescription grade homeopathic HCG. The one thing you must understand is back when HCG came out in the 1950s it wasn't sweeping the world like it is now. When something sweeps the world everyone wants to make a dollar. Homeopathic versions online and in stores started popping up everywhere you looked. Supermarkets were selling it for as low as $18. It is simply too good to be true. Pharmaceutical HCG does help patients lose weight usually rapidly if they follow the protocol.
The HCG Diet Council has taken aim at the FDA appealing its decision to pull the homeopathic versions off the shelves. The FDA stands their ground saying all the homeopathic version is doing is putting people on a low calorie diet. Without medical supervision they are putting themselves at many health risks.

On pharmaceutical HCG you are not allowed to stay on the diet forever. You are put on a program that is closely monitored each week. The diet was not intended to be a forever lifestyle. Homeopathic versions of HCG will help the patient lose muscle, but it will not eat the fat. They will feel weak and lose many nutrients.

It's always best to do your research before beginning any weight loss program. There are many people out there just trying to make that dollar. HCG could be your answer if done in a correct way.

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