Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tips for hCG Patients

Tips for hCG Patients

Any lifestyle change needs guidelines to help you stay in the lines. A diet is not a diet unless it changes your lifestyle and becomes the daily norm. The HCG diet is a bit different. It does not last for years, but in a 12 week program you should have reset your mind and metabolism to the lifestyle change you need. Getting through that program is not difficult, but there are tips you can follow to stay on track.
Water is a HUGE thing on the HCG program. Drinking water throughout the day will help digestion and flush out the system. Some say ice water even vamps up the metabolism. Water also quenches hunger helping you not feel any pangs throughout the day.

Find HCG friendly recipes that you like. When you are just given a list of foods that are okay to eat it is often hard to figure out how to combine them together in a special meal. Once you see how they can go together your interest will be piqued and you will be excited about the diet instead of just wondering how you are going to eat spinach in the morning and chicken in the afternoon. Combine it for a fun meal!

Be fiber friendly. Fiber helps you feel fuller for longer. Fiber aids in digestion and will help keep you regular while on the diet.

One of the best things to do to ensure you are getting the correct amount is make your meals for the week. Put your meats in Tupperware and go ahead and make salads and other items you can make for the week. You won’t be stressed out later trying to remember what combinations go together.

Watch the scale. If the scale suddenly comes to a standstill you make need to take a plateau day of steak or apples. It’s important to know what does and does not work for your body anyway.

Know the program. Know the diet. This will help you through each step. Talk to your weight loss consultants and doctor to know what you should expect along the way. You are not in this alone. They care about your goals just as much as you do. They can help you find ways to combine foods or to adjust anything in your life to the new lifestyle. Soon you will notice you no longer have the same eating principles you did before and are leading a much better lifestyle.

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